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A tandem skydive had always appealed to me, it is such a good challenge, ones of those things in life that you really did not want to do but you just had to and I had 6 volunteers to join me.

The months passed and the skydive seemed so far off, the day came and we all arrived at Tilstock airfield on a bright and sunny morning, there was allot of pacing up and down whilst waiting to be called and after much form filling we had our training session and we was ready to go. The airplane was a rough looking, before we boarded it was patched up with tape and away we went, it circled and took about 20 minutes to get to the right altitude, this was far too long to contemplate what you were about to do. Then there was a silence as the rotor cut out, this was normal we were told afterwards as engine had to be stopped before we could jump, the doors were opened and out we went.
It was one massive adrenaline rush, you could see the clouds below and below that the ground which seemed so far away, you rushed though the clouds and the ground came flying towards you and then the shute opened, the next 15 minutes was just a gentle and sedate drift to the ground, very quite and peaceful, and then down to terra firma and it was all over.
I would like to say a big thank you to Daniel McVey, Susan Edwards, Tina Jones, Andrew Creswell, Joshua Hughes and Darren Stobbs, it took great courage to take part and also the allot of effort went in to raise sponsorship money. In all with the skydive and summer ball £5000 was raised for St Kentigern Hospice.

Thank you all